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Ashtanga Introduction - 10 Week Course

Introduces beginners, and students of other yoga disciplines, to Ashtanga poses week by week, offering new and challenging postures in each class while easing into the physical fundamentals of the 'Primary Series'.  This course, with classes typically of one hour duration, prepares students for Ashtanga Level I.


Ashtanga Level I - 10 Week Course

Students familiar with the basic postures will begin to experience the flow of Ashtanga practice by connecting the series of postures together.  Classes in this course are typically of one-and-a-half hours duration.


Ashtanga Level II - 10 Week Course

Students who feel comfortable in Level I, and wish to move to the next level, will find this class more challenging in exploring more difficult postures of Ashtanga.  Classes in this course are typically of one-and-a-half hours duration.


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The Ashtanga Introduction ten week course (typically one hour per session) is priced at only £75 (paid in advance and non-refundable) and at £100, the Ashtanga Level I and Level II courses, each ten weeks (typically one-and-a-half hours per session), are also competitively priced.  As numbers are limited early registration for courses is advised, see current schedule of classes.



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